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Ivonne's Trading Spot (OPEN)

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Ivonne's Trading Spot (OPEN)

Post by Ivonne x3 on Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:25 pm

Hey everyone welcome to my Trading Spot all of my items are availible otherwise i will post. Hope you like my items:)


Matching outfit gloves (pink hands)
Tiered Tulle Skirt(white)
Tiered Tulle Skirt(Orange)
Tiered Tulle Skirt(black)
Tiered Tulle Skirt(grey)
Tiered Tulle Skirt(Sea green)2
Furry boots(Furry Feet)
Tulle Dress Top(white)
Colorful Striped Pants
Colorful Striped Tunic
Satin Gem Tank (pink)
Satin Gem Tank(Grey)
Satin Gem Tank(Sea green)
Smocked Dress(grey)
Tulle Dress Bottom(white)
Black Smocked leggings(pink)
Black Smocked Dress(pink)
Lamb PJ Shirt
Camo Pants
Camo V-neck Shirt
4-leaf Clover pants
4-leaf Clover Jacket
White Angel Skirt
Turquoise Peace Shirt
Endless Hugs Teddy Pants
Endless Hugs Teddy Shirt
Necklace Skirt (grey)
Striped Lace Leggings(Red & Black)
Leprechaun outfit pants(gold)
Leprechaun outfit top(gold)
Ice Skater Outfit(Lime green)
Baseball Uniform Top(Lime Green)
Gem Flip-Flops(blue)
Floral Tie Dress(Pink)
My Melody Pants(white)
Tie Dye Flower Tank(red,white,and blue)
Classic Pants (peach)
Leopard Sweater Skirt(red)
Sequin Sandals (Silver)
Zebra Leggings Outfit top ( Sky blue)
Rosette Capri Outfit pants(white)
Shamrock outfit Skirt(green)
Shamrock outfit top(green)
Floral Tie Dress (lime Green)
Plush Boots (black)
Hibiscus print swimsuit top (blue)
Hibiscus print swimsuit bottom (blue)
White Strap Shoes (red)
Girl Pirate Skirt(blue)
Fur Boots(white)
Love.Hugs.Peace Rhinestone Tank(grey)
Rocker Jeans
Embroidered Flower Top(blue)
Tiered Dress (red)
Tiered Flower Dress (red)
Pleated Shiny Skirt(red)
Sequin Fairy Dress(blue)
Butterfly outfit bottom (pink)2
Gold Embroidered Bottom (purple)
Girl Elf Bottom
Girl Elf Top
Flower Power Tank Top (Turquoise)
Polka-dot Belted Outfit(light purple)
Jack-O-lantern tee


Red Panda Tail
Nerdy Glasses
Pastel Ear Bows(pink)
Pastel Ear Bows(grey)
Cheeseburger hat
Big Dog Biscuit
Detective hat
Admiral hat
Lamb hat
4-Leaf Clover hat
Camo Hat
Four leaf Clover bear hat
Ladybug cap
2011 sash
Westie Winter Hat 2
Long Stocking hat 3
Candle Hat
North Pole Elf Ears
Ice Skater outfit earmuffs (blue)
Cornucopia Hat
Bear head earmuffs
97 messanger bag (pink)
Jack-O-lantern basket
Santa hat
Red&green hat


Hello Kitty Rug
Striped hammock
Easter egg lights 17
Gazebo bird feeder
lamb poster
Queen of hearts poster
Box of chocolates
Heart Mosaic poster 7
Heart Rug
Tiered heart table
Christmas countdown poster
Jr.Cybearguide Wreath
Fun lights 16
Wire Reindeer sculpture
Blue tree
Modern Gift 12
Green Christmas tree
Thanksgiving Dinner table
Christmas Stocking 2
Polka dot gift 3
white tree 2
Sewing machine & cabinet
Trick or treat rug
Snowman Chair
Brown Sugar Puppy Sign

All Offers must be FAIR(:
Ivonne x3

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Re: Ivonne's Trading Spot (OPEN)

Post by Cherry[; on Sun Jun 12, 2011 7:35 am

Red Panda Tail for Fisherman Coat and Red Gem Ballet Shoes?

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Re: Ivonne's Trading Spot (OPEN)

Post by Ivonne x3 on Sun Jun 12, 2011 12:33 pm

Cherry[; wrote:Red Panda Tail for Fisherman Coat and Red Gem Ballet Shoes?
I had the fisherman coat before dont really like it.Is there anything else(:
Ivonne x3

Posts : 121
Paw Points : 698
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2011-06-05
Age : 21
Location : California (:

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Re: Ivonne's Trading Spot (OPEN)

Post by Sponsored content

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